Just Groovin’

Just Groovin Beanie by ELK Studio #freepattern #crochetpattern

Just Groovin’ Crochet Beanie

Remember when I made the video tutorial of the fpdc/bpdc stitches?  Well…’s a hat pattern using those stitches.  If you haven’t watched the video, I can assure you these hats ARE made using the fpdc/bpdc stitches.  You may wonder how the “Just Groovin” hat has the wavy effect.  Well it’s from doing the bpdc stitches […]

The Mystic Cowl designed by ELK Studio #freecrochet #crochetpattern #cowl

Mystic Cowl!

If you loved the Mystic Beanie….the latest pattern is called Mystic Cowl is perfect for you because it matches the beanie.  It’s versatile and can easily be made into a long scarf if you wanted just be increasing the beginning chain stitches!  I also tried out a new yarn….If you’ve never used the Cascade Pacific, […]

Learn the fpdc Stitch and a New Technique for the bpdc Stitch!

Front Post and Back Post Double Crochet by ELK Studio

Front Post and Back Post Double Crochet Tutorial

Here’s is a video tutorial on how to do a “normal” front post double crochet and a different technique for doing the back post double crochet.  It essence, the different way of doing the bpdc will give the bpdc/fpdc when done in rows a unique wavy effect.  I hope you enjoy this video! Here is […]

ELK Studio’s Saturday Crochet Show!

ELK Studio's Saturday Crochet Show #20 #crochet #freecrochet #crochetscarves

ELK Studio’s Saturday Crochet Show #20

I love this time of year because you can add so many layers of beautiful accessories! Through my searching on the web, I’ve come up with a few of my favorites for you! Scarves and shawls seem to be the hot ticket items this season and you won’t go wrong with these! Don’t forget to […]

Free Pattern!

“Making it thru Monday”

Making it thru Monday Crochet Review #81 #crochet

“Making it thru Monday” Crochet Review #81

Hello all!  I’ve done some thinking on how I could jazz up “Making it thru Monday”, and I want to make some changes starting this week! You will have 2 weeks to add your project to the latest “Making it thru Monday”. After the 2 week deadline, voting (for 10 days) will begin for you […]

Yarn Discovery

Yarn Discovery by ELK Studio #crochet #yarn

Yarn Discovery #3 ELK Studio Style!

I’m really happy to bring my Yarn Discovery back to the blog and especially honored to have Craftsy as a sponsor. Craftsy is a wonderful online learning community with classes and FREE resources like patterns, as well as supplies for kits and crafting projects. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’ll remember […]

Free Patterns!

Honeysuckle - A Free Crochet Summer Hat by ELK Studio

Honeysuckle – A Free Crochet Summer Hat!

Please Favorite or Queue in Ravelry I’ll admit this is probably one of my favorite hats I’ve made so far.  I believe the color choice has A LOT to do with it.  I used I Love this Cotton by Hobby Lobby!  How did I come up with the name Honeysuckle?  I didn’t……hubby names most of my […]

ELK Studio Summer Shawl

Dixie Charm – A Free Summer Crochet Shawl Pattern

     Please Favorite or Queue in Ravelry! You know that I have to really love this Dixie Charm shawl for me to take a picture of myself and stick it on the blog!  I attended my granddaughter’s dedication yesterday and went to the closest to choose something to wear.  I bought the dress in […]


Seasonal Bliss Beanie and Headband Patterns are Now Available!

After coordinating with my testers, multiple edits of the patterns, scheduling the photo shoot, editing the photos and loading it up to the store, I can finally breath again.  Whew!  It makes me exhausted just to think about it, but there’s no replacing the feeling of accomplishment to finally get a pattern ready to go! […]

Autumn Dew - A Free Crochet Beanie hat by ELK Studio

Autumn Dew – A Free Crochet Beanie Hat!

I know….I know….It’s still warm in so many parts of the country but when it hits you, you gotta roll with it. Autumn Dew looks great on the hubby, but I’m confident with the right colors it would look perfect on anyone! Don’t forget to Favorite or Queue Autumn Dew in Ravelry! Hint: If this […]

Simple Sweetness by ELK Studio #crochet #beanie #freepattern

Simple Sweetness Crochet Beanie!

It’s getting crunch time and we are all looking for the quick hat project! Simple sweetness is just the pattern to get you through some last minute “emergency” gifts! It’s simple enough for a beginner but the advanced crocheter can whip through quickly too!  The self-striping of the yarn also gives that added touch to […]