Vintage Violet

Vintage Violet Shawl

How can you love one project more than the other? It’s getting really tough because I’m in love with this shawl. It’s my first “lacy” type of project, and it turned out just how I had in my mind.  If you know how to use the single crochet and double crochet stitches… can make this […]

Hint of Spring Using Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton by ELK Studio #chemohat #cottonyarn #freepattern

2015 National Crochet Month Designer Blog Tour

Welcome! It’s my first time doing the blog tour, so I would like to thank you for coming to visit me from Crochetville’s National Crochet Month Designer Blog Tour!  What an amazing blog tour this year, and Crochetville deserves a big round of applause from all crocheters for their hard work in organizing this annual event! […]

Wrapped in Warmth by ELK Studio Best Shawl Design First Quarter 2015

I won a Flamie!

How exciting to win a Flamie from The Crochet Awards!  It’s incredibly humbling and exciting at the same time.  When I began my journey a couple of years ago, I knew where I wanted to be but wasn’t sure how long it would take me.  While I still am working towards a few goals, being […]

It’s Time for Summer!

Ocean Splash Wrap

Ocean Splash Wrap!

Hello everyone!  I hope you’ll love my latest pattern called Ocean Splash!  The wonderful yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton!  You’ll love the softness and it really has a great shimmer too.  The yarn allows for great stitch definition and there are certainly enough different stitches in this pattern to keep you on your toes […]

Daydreams Summer Hat

Introducing Daydreams Summer Hat!

Remember my granddaughter Ella and the blanket I made for her?  Well it’s almost time for us to make a beach trip, and she needed a hat and the new Daydreams Summer Hat is perfect!  I used my favorite Sinfonia Cotton yarn and always love how clean and crisp each stitch looks. Do you love […]

Free Pattern!

It’s Time for Summer!

Perfectly Simple Elegance Shawl by ELK Studio #pattern #freepattern  #crochet

Perfectly Elegant Shawl!

Sometimes less is more……The Perfectly Simple Elegance Shawl is just that for you.  I’m like most of you and ready for some warmer weather, so I picked up my spring and summer yarn last week and starting crochet.  My intent when I sat down to start on the shawl was to work up something using […]


Making it thru Monday Crochet Review #86 #freecrochet

“Making it thru Monday” Crochet Review #86

Hello all!  I’ve done some thinking on how I could jazz up “Making it thru Monday”, and I wanted to make some changes.  You can see the “new rules” below. You will have 2 weeks to add your project to the latest “Making it thru Monday”. The top 5 in most clicks will be featured on […]

Free Patterns!

Just to be Cute Slouchy Beanie by ELK Studio

“Just to be Cute” Slouchy Beanie

Please place in your Queue or Favorite on Ravelry! Some of the things women go through just to be cute.  I mean…. we wax our eyebrows, upper lips and other various places that I won’t even mention!  We wear high heel shoes that after 2 hours are killing our feet.  We spend countless amounts of […]

Southern Sweetness by ELK Studio

Southern Sweetness – A Free Crochet Hat!

Please Favorite or Queue in Ravelry! I’m so proud to once again partner with Crochet for Cancer and design this hat in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness this month.  Southern Sweetness has great texture which is perfect for the chemo patient needing something to keep them warm in the winter months that are soon approaching. […]

Just Groovin Beanie by ELK Studio #freepattern #crochetpattern

Just Groovin’ Crochet Beanie

Remember when I made the video tutorial of the fpdc/bpdc stitches?  Well…’s a hat pattern using those stitches.  If you haven’t watched the video, I can assure you these hats ARE made using the fpdc/bpdc stitches.  You may wonder how the “Just Groovin” hat has the wavy effect.  Well it’s from doing the bpdc stitches […]

Jayden's Shawlette - A Free Crochet Pattern by ELK Studio

Jayden’s Shawlette – A Free Crochet Pattern!

Please Favorite or Queue in Ravelry!  Introducing Jayden’s Shawlette! My granddaughter asked me a couple of weeks ago to make her something for winter. I took her to Hobby Lobby and she picked out I Love This Yarn with the shimmer. It’s no surprise to me because she loves everything “blingy”. I also have a […]

Autumn Dew - A Free Crochet Beanie hat by ELK Studio

Autumn Dew – A Free Crochet Beanie Hat!

I know….I know….It’s still warm in so many parts of the country but when it hits you, you gotta roll with it. Autumn Dew looks great on the hubby, but I’m confident with the right colors it would look perfect on anyone! Don’t forget to Favorite or Queue Autumn Dew in Ravelry! Hint: If this […]