Free Pattern

Surprisingly Simple Rug by ELK Studio

Free Simple Crochet Rug Pattern

I’ve recently had new floors laid in my kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Its been very exciting to watch the old become new again with a freshness and beauty that I’ve waited on for a while.  With that being said, the decor in the bathroom needed changing, and I wanted to spend my money wisely so […]

FREE Pattern!

ELK Studio Summer Shawl

Dixie Charm – A Free Summer Crochet Shawl Pattern

     Please Favorite or Queue in Ravelry! You know that I have to really love this Dixie Charm shawl for me to take a picture of myself and stick it on the blog!  I attended my granddaughter’s dedication yesterday and went to the closest to choose something to wear.  I bought the dress in […]

ELK Studio – From the Heart

ELK Studio - From the Heart June/2014 Charity Event

ELK Studio – From the Heart June/2014 Charity Event

Another wonderful turn out for the ELK Studio – From the Heart Charity Event for June.  Every time I start getting those packages in the mail it amazes me.  I am so honored and humbled that people I only know through social media  can come together for such a good cause.  For the month of […]

ELK Studio’s Saturday Crochet Show

ELK Studio's Saturday Crochet Show Week #10

ELK Studio’s Saturday Crochet Show #10

I love this part of ELK Studio! I get to search around for other crochet projects that I like to show off to you for the Saturday Crochet Show! So much fun. Hope you enjoy this edition. Who doesn’t love the technique, color and style of this Drop Stitch scarf designed by Kim Guzman? It’s […]

Dear ELK Studio


Dear ELK Studio – A Crochet Column #12

It’s time for another edition of Dear ELK Studio – A Crochet Column! I hope you find some information that will help you become better in your crocheting endeavors! If you have questions, just scroll to the bottom of the page to see the comment section. I hope you enjoy! Dear ELK Studio, All those […]

“Making it thru Monday”

Linda's submission for "Making it thru Monday" hosted by ELK Studio

“Making it thru Monday” Crochet Review #58

What an amazing week of beautiful projects this past week!  You should really check them out on my ELK Studio Facebook page!  Do you want to show off your projects too?  We would love to see them.  You can send me a picture via my Facebook page or email me at [email protected]  See you there. […]

Yarn Discovery

My First Crochet Jacket by ELK Studio

Yarn Discovery #2 – ELK Studio Style

**This post contains Affiliate Links.  If you click on the photo and make a purchase, I will receive a commission.** Are you ready for another great segment of Yarn Discovery?  I’ve actually used this yarn myself and love it (when I want to splurge a little).  I found a crochet jacket from Drops Designs and […]

Free Patterns!

Honeysuckle Summer Hat and Bag by ELK Studio

Honeysuckle – A Free Summer Crochet Bag

Queue or Favorite in Ravelry Are you ready for the Honeysuckle crochet bag as promised to match the crochet hat!  Usually after working with a specific yarn, I get bored and tired of the color but this one was lots of fun.  The self-striping pattern turned this crochet bag into one awesome project.  I hope […]

Honeysuckle - A Free Crochet Summer Hat by ELK Studio

Honeysuckle – A Free Crochet Summer Hat!

Please Favorite or Queue in Ravelry I’ll admit this is probably one of my favorite hats I’ve made so far.  I believe the color choice has A LOT to do with it.  I used I Love this Cotton by Hobby Lobby!  How did I come up with the name Honeysuckle?  I didn’t……hubby names most of my […]

Rockin' Summer Crochet Beach Towel by ELK Studio

Rockin’ Summer Crochet Beach Towel

This site contains affiliate links. Please Favorite or Queue in Ravelry Can you tell that I’m ready for a beach trip!  I’ve made my beach bag and now a Rockin’ Summer Crochet beach towel!  It’s a simple project that would make a beginner beam with pride once completed. The crochet part of the project is […]

Morning Sky Free Crochet Summer Hat by ELK Studio

Morning Sky – A Free Crochet Summer Hat!

Here’s another free crochet hat called Morning Sky and it’s just in time for the summer months ahead. It’s open and airy which leaves room for the nice breeze to keep you cool while still protecting you from the sun. This was my first experience using a variegated yarn for a hat, and I must […]

Fresh Air Summer Scarf

Fresh Air – A Free Crochet Summer Scarf

Another fun summer scarf but this time I used Cascade ultra pima cotton and oh….. it’s so soft and the sheen  to the yarn is incredible.  I’ve made a couple of things using this yarn with one being this jacket.  It turned out fabulous too.  You simply can’t go wrong using this yarn. Queue or Favorite […]