Christmas Present Crochet-Along Project List #1 by ELK Studio Featured Image

Christmas Present Crochet-Along Project #1 Supplies

When I  announced the Christmas Present Crochet-Along (that starts July 6th, 2015), many of you wanted to know if I would release a supply list early. I want to give everyone plenty of time to get the suggested yarn (if that’s you preference) or whatever materials you decide to use! Our first CAL project will be […]

How to Close a Hole in the Top of a Beanie by ELK Studio Featured Image

Closing the Hole in a Beanie Designed from the Bottom Up!

I’ve been asked if I could show how to close the hole in the top of a beanie hat when it’s been crocheted from the bottom up!  It really is simple to do and you’ll get the hang of it pretty quick! Once you finish crocheting the hat, leave yourself an extra long tail (6″-8″).  Thread your […]

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ELK Studio’s Saturday Crochet Show #24

  It’s time for another ELK Studio’s Saturday Crochet Show!  Wow, it sure does come around quickly.  The patterns in this edition isn’t a “theme” at all. While I like to do that sometimes, this one  is just what I found that I liked! Chameleon Hat – Gone Fishin’ by Pattern Paradise. Nautical Tote by […]

It’s Time for Summer!

Vintage Violet

Vintage Violet Shawl

How can you love one project more than the other? It’s getting really tough because I’m in love with this shawl. It’s my first “lacy” type of project, and it turned out just how I had in my mind.  If you know how to use the single crochet and double crochet stitches… can make this […]

Just to be Cute Slouchy Beanie by ELK Studio

“Just to be Cute” Slouchy Beanie

Please place in your Queue or Favorite on Ravelry! Some of the things women go through just to be cute.  I mean…. we wax our eyebrows, upper lips and other various places that I won’t even mention!  We wear high heel shoes that after 2 hours are killing our feet.  We spend countless amounts of […]

Free Pattern!

It’s Time for Summer!

Ocean Splash Wrap

Ocean Splash Wrap!

Hello everyone!  I hope you’ll love my latest pattern called Ocean Splash!  The wonderful yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton!  You’ll love the softness and it really has a great shimmer too.  The yarn allows for great stitch definition and there are certainly enough different stitches in this pattern to keep you on your toes […]


MITM 91 Featured Image

“Making it thru Monday” Crochet Review #91

Hello all!  I want to welcome you to the “Making it thru Monday” Crochet Review!  I have a great time see the creativity of other people and hope you do too!  I would love to see what you’ve been making lately… link it up!  See all the “official” rules below! You will have 2 weeks to […]

Free Patterns!

My Opinion of a Seeminly Hot Topic in Crochet

I read an article the other day from Sedruola Maruska of Yarn Obsession.  She wrote the article earlier this year and evidently someone recently had issue with it.  She posted on her Facebook page that she again researched her findings and stood by her article.  Sedie was talking about a hot topic in the crochet […]

Hickory Bark - Free Crochet Pattern by ELK Studio #beanie #crochet #mens hat

Hickory Bark – A Free Crochet Beanie Pattern!

It won’t take you two seconds (well…maybe a little longer) of searching on Craftsy or Ravelry to find hundreds of projects for women but…..finding them for men is a different story.  They are certainly on there but it does take a little more time don’t you think?  That’s why I love this Hickory Bark Beanie, […]

The Patterns Keep Coming!

So after many hours of “wrestling” with my yarn, I think I finally created the boot cuff pattern I was attempting to make.  Joining the cuff without a break in the fpdc ((front post double crochet) was the hardest part.  I am sure I understand how I did it, but have you ever tried to […]

ELK Studio Summer Shawl

Dixie Charm – A Free Summer Crochet Shawl Pattern

     Please Favorite or Queue in Ravelry! You know that I have to really love this Dixie Charm shawl for me to take a picture of myself and stick it on the blog!  I attended my granddaughter’s dedication yesterday and went to the closest to choose something to wear.  I bought the dress in […]