My Latest Crochet Project!

I’m still working on the Seasonal Bliss patterns but decided to “take a break” from them.  Sometimes leaving the pattern alone for a couple of days gives you a fresh perspective when you pick it back up.

Anyway, remember the free cowl pattern I posted yesterday by Beatrice Ryan Designs?  The pattern is free for only a limited time, so I decided to start the project.  I love how it turned out!  I normally don’t work with chunky yarn or a big hook, but I wanted a challenge.  After the first round, I began to fly through the rest and it was smooth sailing till the end!  I’m not an expert flower maker, so I need to read the directions carefully but was able to follow Elena’s directions really well.

If you are looking for a really quick project, then here you go!

Here’s my picture of Elena’s great design!

Free Cowl Pattern designed by Beatrice Ryan Designs made by ELK Studio

I hope you like it!  Have a great day and be blessed!


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