Dear ELK Studio – A Crochet Column #4

Dear ELK Studio - A Crochet Column 4th Edition
It’s time for another edition of Dear ELK Studio. You asked the questions and our team of contributors have your answers. Be sure to leave your question at the bottom of the page in the area provided. If you’ve asked a question and don’t see it today, hang on because there is always next week. Enjoy today’s article!

Dear ELK Studio,
I want to learn how to master the foundation double crochet stitch. Do you have a tutorial?

Dear Foundation,
It’s a good idea to view several videos to see if there are any differences in how the stitch is done, and you may prefer one method over another. For example, you’ll see a couple of different ways to do a slip knot in the tutorials. The first video is by Moogly and is very clear, short and concise. Next up is Simple Crochet where the author goes very slowly, so you can see exactly what she’s doing. Lastly, Maggie Crochet has lots of detailed information on her video.


Dear ELK Studio,
I’m having trouble on decreasing shells. Do you have any tips?

Dear Troubled Shells,
There are a few different techniques you can use to decrease shell stitches. Here are some options to try:
* use a smaller size hook for the decrease row(s)
* work fewer stitches into the shells themselves (makes the shells smaller)
* if you are working a row of shells, followed by a row of single crochet/chain stitches, decrease stitches in this row to eliminate the number of shells for the next row

You can also view a video tutorial from The Art of Crochet by Teresa (Crochet Geek) for an example of how to decrease shell stitches.  It may also help to know exactly what type of shell you are trying to decrease as we gave a generalized answer.


Dear ELK Studio,
Is it possible to crochet two items on one circular crochet hook, like socks or sleeve, as can be done with knitting? If yes, how?

Dear Circular,
The short answer to your question is – No. It is not possible to crochet two items simultaneously on one circular crochet hook – from start to finish. Unlike knitting, crochet stitches do not remain on the hook for an entire project (even with Tunisian) – at some point all the stitches are removed from the hook to complete the stitches.

I spent quite a bit of time researching your question as I was intrigued by the possibility – I often dread making the matching sock (or mitten)! I could not find anything online to help confirm the information, so I asked Kim Guzman, a Tunisian Crochet Expert. You can visit her site to learn more about circular crochet hooks and Tunisian Crochet.


Dear ELK Studio,
I have a friend that wants me to crochet a bathing suit for her. Can you tell me what kind of yarn to use & how much it would take? She wants to wear it in the water.

Dear Swim Suit,
After many articles and research before attempting to make a swimsuit, it seemed the consensus is to use mercerized cotton for your choice of yarn. I would suggest a #3 type thread, such as, Sinfonia yarn while using a F Hook so the stitching will be tight. The amount of material will depend on the size needed for your friend but the Sinfonia comes in 218 yards so probably more than one but less than two. Of course lining the suit and using elastic is another option also. In my opinion, a crochet bathing suit is more for sun bathing and not doing laps in the pool. From personal experience, I made a bathing suit top using Sinfonia and was very pleased with the results. It did not have any sagging as you may expect (but I did try it out in the privacy of my home first).


Dear ELK Studio,
I found this pattern that I want to make, but it does not say the amount of yarn needed. Is there a way I can figure this out before I start it?

Dear Yardage,
There are a couple of ways I go about figuring yardage out for a project when needed. If I am making a project that doesn’t have the details of yarn needed, I find a similar pattern online that does, and I estimate based on that! Another great way to calculate yardage is by using this great tutorial from It has great information for Knitting and Crocheting yarn calculations!


Do you have a question for Dear ELK Studio Crochet Column? If so, ask in the contact form provided below. We would love to help you!

Have a great day and be blessed!



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