It’s Almost Time for Ella and Her Baby Blanket!

Whew!  The baby shower is on Saturday, and I finished the blanket today!  Now to finish the newborn hat to match but that won’t take much time at all.

ELK Studio - Baby Blanket

What do you think?  Is it worthy of a free pattern?  It’s a simple pattern that doesn’t take much time to work up at all.  The stitching allows for great texture, so the blanket is extra thick.  I can’t wait to see her wrapped up in it!  I’ve told my daughter-in-law that I want her to drag it around with her as she gets older.  Some people would want to pack it away in a closet so it doesn’t get torn or dirty.  That’s not my way of thinking.  I made it for Ella and want her to use it.  If it gets torn or dirty, I’ll just make another one.  I mean….I do know how to crochet right?

I didn’t come up with the letters but instead they are from Moogly!  She did a great job with the instructions and if you like graphs…..well, she’s got ya covered too.  Tamara also made a video tutorial of the letter A.  She states it is tricky (she’s right) and although I’m left-handed, the video still made sense to me and really came in handy!

I hope everyone is having a great week!  Be blessed.


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  1. Karthika says

    It is awesome, I would love make one for my little niece whom we are waiting for her arrival to this world in April

  2. Cheryl M says

    Love the blanket! I think it is very worthy for a free pattern. I’d like to make one the next time I need a baby blanket which is happening quite frequently lately!!

  3. Meredith Patrick says

    I just wanted to say that ELLA’s blanket is adorable. I would be very pleased if you would consider sharing your pattern. 😉

  4. says

    This is so pretty! It would be great if you made it a free pattern! I have a new neice or nephew coming this year and would love to make this!

  5. Kris says

    This blanket is adorable and I would LOVE to have the pattern! I’m sure your new baby granddaughter will love it, too!

  6. Micki says

    I absolutely adore this blanket! You did such an amazing job with it. 😀 I’m with you in that I want what I’ve made put to good and frequent use. 😉 I vote a wholeheartedly YES on making it a free pattern! I know I will put it to good and frequent use.

  7. bobbiann60 says

    A GREAT crochet project is always just abit greater when the pattern is free!!! LOL! A simple pattern with a lot of texture is a treat and to have it personalized with the baby’s name makes it irresistible!!! Please, please, please ;>}

  8. Heidi says

    Great texture, please give us the pattern! I’ve made blankets for my friends’ girls, and they use them for their toys now – my boys don’t 😉

  9. Janis Kelp says

    Beautiful, and most definitely worthy of a free pattern. She will love it, and I would love the pattern.

  10. Betty says

    This is so adorable! Whether it be a boy or girl, it is a winner. Will be a new grandma soon & would love to have the pattern so I could make one, or two!

  11. Ruth Lawson says

    This blanket is absolutely beautiful! Can you please make it a free pattern? I have twin granddaughters and would love to make both of them one. Please!!

  12. Sharon Elderton says

    Great Blanket, well done, I love Moogly’s letters and have used them myself. Definately worthy of a free pattern, I have a few friends expecting soon and this would make a great gift for them :)

  13. kelly says

    Love the colors amazing and the baby is going to love it…..always a treasure when it’s from grandma :)…I would love the pattern for this :)

  14. Chelin Fusco says

    You have done it again! This is absolutely gorgeous! Everyone loves a free pattern. The color combination is great. It is so nice to see the combination of a dark color in a baby item. Awesome. I know it will be loved and treasured. It has to be!!!

  15. Pamela Emerson says

    I think it is a beauty and I would make one or more for sure. I have plenty of Grandbabies and siblings babies to keep me busy year round. I love it!

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