Crochet Tutorials and Videos for the Beginner

Tutorial Round up by ELK Studio

I wanted to put together some tutorials and videos for you (the beginner) and why reinvent the wheel when there are so many great ones already out there?  I can remember when I started learning how to crochet (many moons ago), and how I would really have benefited from some of these videos.  While some of you may already know the stitches in this blog post, hang on because I will continue increasing in the degree of experience over time!  I’m going to add this post to my Crochet Tool Box for easy reference for you!

Slip Knot  
Slip Knot by MooglyLet’s start with the basic slip knot because this is where it all starts ( I know about the magic circle but this is for beginners).  Moogly does a great job of not only showing how to make the slip knot in the video, but I really love her explanation too!

The chain is where you teach yourself how to hold your hook and figure out your tension. Whenever I teach someone how to crochet this sometimes is the trickiest part. If your chains are too tight, how will you ever get in them to start your next row. Too loose and you’ve got a complete mess that doesn’t look good at all. Moogly once again explains how to make a chain.

Single Crochet
Single Crochet by MooglyNow your cooking!  It’s time to practice the single crochet and watch your work start to take form!  Learn once again from Moogly how to turn your rows, what the chain one means and all the other great stuff!

Half Double Crochet
Half Double Crochet by MooglyYou’ve mastered the slip knot, chain and single crochet right and now you’re ready to move right along.  I love the half double crochet because you can finish a project quicker than doing just a single crochet, but I also love the look of the half double.  It’s more distinctive to me and gives the look I want for many of my hat projects.  Another great tutorial from Moogly to explain.

Double Crochet
Double Crochet by MooglyWoo Hoo!  You’ve learned so much haven’t you?  Are you ready to get another stitch under your belt?  The double crochet is a fun stitch.  Once you find your groove, you will zip through it in no time!  A great perk of the double crochet is how quickly it works up in a project.  It will be your friend when you need a quick project.  Moogly has explained everything so far and this one is great too because she tells you about how make those double crochet rows and whether to count the chains!

Treble Crochet
Treble Crochet by MooglyThe last tutorial from Moogly today is on the treble crochet stitch.  If you have learned all the others, this will be a piece of cake!

Yarn ObsessionI always like to give someone the opportunity to learn from a different perspective too.  It doesn’t mean one is better than the other by any means, but some people learn in different ways.  Yarn Obsession has 8 beginner videos that will help you learn how to crochet. Remember, I told you one thing you had to learn was how to hold your yarn?  Sedie even has a video to show you!

Both of these women are well-respected in the crochet community, and I love to learn from them and hope you will too!!  Have a great day and be blessed!



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