Southern Bliss – Your #1 Summer Hat is Now Available!

Southern Bliss Summer Hat by ELK Studio          Please Favorite or Queue in Ravelry

I’m so excited to release your #1 summer hat of the season, Southern Bliss as a paid pattern for only $4.50!  So much work goes into getting a pattern ready, and I hope you will enjoy making the hat!  The pattern is a continuation of my Southern line of summer hats which are all listed on Ravelry and Etsy and will fit an adult size measuring approximately 22″.  I love the look of this one because once again you can choose to an elegant hat (like the black hat in the photo) or change the color sequence and you can have a fun day sitting on the beach with your family and friends (like the pink striped hat in the photo).

Using the Sinfonia cotton yarn is perfect because it’s mercerized cotton which means it’s already been stretched, and we all know how important that it to a crocheter.  Especially with this type of hat because you will use the millinery wire in the brim and you need a material that won’t allow for too much stretching.  Mona at Creative Yarn Source is an excellent provider of the yarn and has lightning fast service too.

If you have any questions, please let me know!  Thank you for all your support.

Southern Bliss Striped Summer Hat by ELK Studio

Have a great day.  Be blessed!




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